Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources

An instructional designer has to focus on all the elements that are embedded in a project.  This week we are exploring and estimating the cost of all resources that are needed to complete a project.  We need to plan for the parts that we know about and or for those that we are not expecting.  There are several websites and resources that share some tips and guides to estimate costs.  For the purpose of this post I will share resources written to guide the design of an online course. 

The cost of e-learning

Designing and developing an online brings costs and benefits to any organization that decides to expand their teaching capabilities to another level.  To understand and plan effectively

This site presents the characteristics of an online course.  According to the learning experience that the organization plans to develop there are aspects to be considered. Judith V. Boettcher, shares the time and costs of designing and developing the course and the instructional materials.  This site shares links to templates that could be used to design a course.

Estimating Cost and Time in Instructional Design



This site presents the different modalities of online course.  Depending on the features and interactivity experiences on each course the cost varies.  This sites presents the characteristics of each modality and how to calculate cost based on numbers shared from organizations such as U.S. Navy, Air Force and Verizon.



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