Friday, May 7, 2010

Useful Instructional Design Blogs

Learning from others experiences is always a great experience.  Using blogs is a social way to communicate and inform other about your experiences.  During my search I found some blogs that will help me as an Instructional Designer.  As a teacher and technology coordinator in my school, I always look for new strategies that will help me facilitate trainings and workshops to the staff.  In these blogs I find ways to develop a community of learners with the faculty, steps to follow to plan an effective transformational plan and wonderful Internet based tools for instruction.
I invite you to visit these blogs and please share your comments.  Thanks for visiting.

Always Learning

By Kim Cofino

The Way of the Workshop

   Kim Cofino works as an Educational Technology Facilitator in International Schools.  In her blog she shares her experiences as a teacher and the benefits of professional development.  Based on her experiences she designs and implements worshops for other teachers.  In her trainings and workshops she develops sense of community of learners.  She shares her experiences in her blog.

   As an Instructional Designer, is important to understand the benefits of collaboration.  This blog helps me learn from her experiences.

The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness

by Michael Zimmer

  I was impressed about this blog.  Michael Zimmer as a teacher presents technology tools that he uses in his classroom to facilitate and enrich instruction.  He presents the benefits of using social networking as a professional development tool.  He also presents a copy of his book titled: A new way to Lecture, where he presents technology tools and the way to use these in an effective way in the classroom.  This book is embedded online and free to use.

   As a Designer, this blog and resources will guide me to explore others Web 2.0 Tools and integrate them into my instruction designs.  I hope you enjoy it the way I did.

The Innovative Educator

by Jacob Gutnicki

The 10 Zens of Technology Planning

Jacob Gutnicki presents in this blog 10 steps to follow when planning a technology change.  Many times as educators we want to purchase equipment to facilitate and enrich instruction, the problem is not establishing an effective plan.  To be successful we need to estabilsh long and short term goals and be work as a team. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out of my blog. I appreciate the kind words. Glad you started blogging, it has been a wonderful experience for me, and I hope it is o e for you as well.